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Your business is ready for the next level but you’re still stuck working the technical roles… and it’s holding you back. Get practical coaching and support to grow your team, delegate like a true leader and bring balance to your work and life.

Adam Henshall, CEO, Calibre

We’ve tripled our team and more than doubled our turnover…but more importantly, I now do a 9/5 roster, rarely work a 12 hour day, and I see my kids and am present with them

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“I was invoicing, following up the dockets and quotes, I just had about six different hats on”

You know what you need to do to push your business forward. But you’re too busy doing all the roles to make that shift.

If you feel like everything will fall apart if you’re not in the business all the time, it’s time to level up. 

Discover your personal leadership style, free up your time and help your business thrive with practical leadership coaching that pushes towards your ambitions.

We’ll help you.

Find your freedom and grow your business


The average reduction in leadership workload experienced by our clients


The average business growth our clients see within 12 months

High performance leadership coaching

You have the goals.
We help make them happen

Every growing business reaches a point where the actions that got you this far, won’t get you to the next level. 

Find a clear path forward and streamline the processes that will move your business into its’ next evolution. Together, we’ll calm the chaos and unlock your true potential with a customised leadership development program.

Leadership Insights Program

Replace leadership guesswork with precision. This program combines the art and science of leadership to build deep capabilities and allow you to grow into your role as a high-performing leader.

What they’ll discover:

  • How you are currently perceived as a leader
  • Your natural leadership strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
  • How to enhance your performance under pressure
  • Your unique leadership development plan 
  • 2 personalised leadership benchmark reports that track your ongoing development
  • 8 1-hour personalised coaching sessions to accelerate your growth
  • 1-1 implementation strategy to help you get it done
By the end of the program you will understand your true leadership potential, how to adapt and succeed with different personalities, and how to put it all into action in your business.

10-week program

Advanced Leadership Insights Program

Become exceptional with advanced leadership coaching that’s designed to amplify your influence and impact. Combining behavioural understanding and leadership analytics, this program delivers lasting transformation at speed.

What they’ll discover:

  • Transform your weaknesses into leadership strengths
  • Adapt your leadership style to work with different personalities
  • Identify which levers to pull to accelerate your work culture and your business
  • Successfully manage difficult situations and personalities
  • Use high-pressure situations to your advantage
  • 4 x 1-hour sessions with a personal Awakened Business Leadership Coach
  • 2 x Awakened Business Leadership Insights Analysis
  • 1 x Awakened Business Action Plan
By the end of the program you will understand how to fully utilise your leadership strengths and weaknesses to succeed in business and life

3-month program

The Freedom Program

Surpass your own expectations

Design your ultimate business and life and put it into action with this exclusive, 12-month leadership program. Only for true leaders who are ready to go all in on their goals, each application is rigorously screened for best-fit.

Case study

Calibre Engineering tripled their business in 8 months

The owners at Calibre were working 16 hour days while scrambling to find talented hires, and struggled to make effective decisions. As the business grew, they became more burnt out and frustrated that they couldn’t take their eyes off anything for a second.

We took them through the Freedom Program and then helped them implement the learnings in their business. Within 4 months they had hired an Operations manager and reduced their workload by a life-changing 40%.

Within 6 months they’d grown the business by another 40%. And within 8 months they had acquired another company, tripling their head count and their business.

Now Calibre ensures all their managers complete leadership training to become strong and successful business leaders.

Adam Henshall, CEO Calibre Engineering

I was working between 3-6 weeks straight, 7 days a week, doing 14-20 hour days. I had little to no time with my kids back home and was deep in my business.

Our discovery conversation with Mick set the platform for a year of massive growth for our brand. Since that date we’ve tripled our team, more than doubled our turnover, bought out a competitor, expanded into larger premises, increased our assets and client base. 

More importantly I now do a 9/5 roster, rarely work a 12 hour day, grown to four businesses under the Calibre brand now, I see my kids and am present when I’m with them.”

Meet your

Transform your leadership. Transform your life.

Scott McMahon
Scott McMahon
Managing Director
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If you're looking to grow your business this is the way to go.

The growth and professionalism we’re now maintaining because of Mick speaks for itself. We have grown at a steady pace and Mick has helped us along the way to maintain quality and control.
Adam Henshall
Adam Henshall
CEO, Calibre Engineering
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“I've seen massive results. So my first two leaders I've put through…I actually got phone calls from the line managers themselves.
The feedback I got from them was ‘Whatever you paid for this – the advancements within your business are priceless’” Mick held a safe space for me to be vulnerable in order for me to grow; as hard as some sessions were to face, the magic happened when I stepped outside of my comfort zone & implemented suggestions from him.
Rebecca Lawrence
Rebecca Lawrence
Marketing Coordinator, SMH Equipment
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Mick has coached me to unlock potential I didn’t realise I had & supported me in implementing this into my professional (& personal) life. 

Mick held a safe space for me to be vulnerable in order for me to grow; as hard as some sessions were to face, the magic happened when I stepped outside of my comfort zone & implemented suggestions from him.
Derek Cloete
Derek Cloete
Business Manager
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Mick was able to drill down to the core problem in two short sessions.
The presentations were professionally done and he got the whole group involved to take ownership and rectify the issues.

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